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Massage Therapist Owner Jeannette


Jeannette Napoleon
Licensed Massage Therapist

Ever since I made a practice of massaging the necks and shoulders of hard-working co-workers, I’ve believed in the value of massage therapy. With much enthusiasm for my care, I was encouraged to obtain professional training. Since graduating in 2007, from PMTC, a local, highly-esteemed training facility, I’ve been actively seeking additional training and experience while growing my practice. At Professional Massage Training Center, I had the privilege of being taught by excellent instructors highly skilled in the arts of massage therapy as well as knowledgeable in the biology of the human body. School founder and director, Juliet Mee, passed along her philosophy of working from a healthy state of mind in order to help others with their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

I’ve worked at various spa settings in the area while simultaneously working to grow my own practice. Focusing on the specific goals and obstacles of my individual clients, I begin with a rough therapeutic plan. Once in session, the plan is modified as needed per client feedback and response. I generally mix two or more modalities to achieve maximum results.


BPOC receiving face massage

Swedish Massage

Thank you for helping Marjorie manage her pain. She really felt much better after her sessions with you. “Keep on keeping on ministering to others. Matt. 25:40.




I had a prenatal massage with hot stones, I loved Jeannette's enthusiasm for making mothers comfortable and sharing their experience. The hot stones were so soothing and gave me deep relaxation. I could definitely tell I was more in touch with my body when I left!   


I’ve suffered back pain for a long time.

During the first session, I was surprised by how great it felt to have my usually-tight muscles massaged. It was very relaxing. I strongly recommend Jeannette for her skilled and caring massage therapy



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