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My Approach

Humble Beginnings

Decades ago while working in the fast food industry, I began making a habit of casually massaging the achy necks and shoulders of co-workers. Being met with frequent and earnest enthusiasm, I soon looked into formal training. 

Years after doing so, I sought to expand my knowledge base to be more effective with prenatal massage. One of my favorite clients, Crystal, had become pregnant with her very first baby and was nervous about the safety of massage at this crucial time . Together, we found it a highly effective strategy for keeping the discomforts of pregnancy to a minimum. Another pregnant woman who sought my therapeutic prenatal massage throughout her pregnancy would later boast, "Deciding to have pregnancy massage was one of the wisest decisions I've ever made!"


I like to learn about my clients. How they live, where they live, what they eat, how they unwind. Also, what they do for work and how their stress, relationships are managed. Health is more than just comfortable muscles and a currently-soothed nervous system. I want massage to play a vital role in their ongoing health management.

I also hope to help with motivation, when needed, in improving their overall health.

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