Your Questions, Answered

How can massage therapy benefit me?

  • It lessens anxiety.

  • It decreases depression.

  • It can lessen pain.

What is your availability?

I have a very flexible schedule, with day and evening availability throughout the week. I can normally schedule your first appointment the same week you contact me.

What will my first session be like?

  • I will ask you about relevant health issues and what you are hoping your treatment will help you with.

  • I show you to my treatment area and give you privacy to disrobe to the extent you are comfortable.

  • I will return to the treatment room to begin your massage.

  • Soft relaxing music will play during your time unless you prefer silence.

  • Lights will be low enough for you to relax.

  • I tailor each massage to you and your needs.

Do you treat patients with health problems?

Yes. Some health issues will have implications on your treatment; for example, individuals on blood thinners should not have deep tissue work. I will do my best to provide helpful treatment in spite of any health problems you might have.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Yes. Massage can have a wonderful effect on chronic pain and anxiety as well as providing comfort to those dealing with terminal illness.




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