"During the latter part of my pregnancy with my youngest, I started to have 'the usual discomforts that are a part of pregnancy’: Back aches, swollen feet, body aches. Until it was pointed out to me by Jeannette Napoleon, that "You don't have to be uncomfortable during pregnancy". I was nervous about receiving massage services while pregnant, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made! Not only did it allow me an hour each week to simply relax, and let go the stresses of everyday life (work, household chores, traffic, long lines). Just having this time to relax and let everything around you melt away definitely has its benefits during pregnancy. Aside from the mental clarity and emotional relaxation that accompanied Jeannette's Massages, the relief in my back, feet, and neck was incredible. Everything was tailored to ease my discomfort - there was no 'standard 60 minute routine'. She focused on areas that were most important to me. She even did gentle massage on my belly during the last trimester - when I left following the belly massage, baby would just flutter about. It was one of the most beautiful memories I have of my pregnancy, watching those little hands and feet roll across my belly. Whether you're wanting to just relax and take a break from this fast-paced hustle and bustle life we live, seeking relief for muscle aches, or expecting, I'd recommend contacting Jeannette."

Stephanie Fawn Dickinson, Springfield

"Sometimes, life is just too fast-paced. You get caught up in work and go, go, go. You don’t realize how tight your body is until someone massages your muscles. Wow! Then, you feel what true comfort and relaxation are. Jeannette has done this for my wife and me for several years."

Gene Solomon, Marshfield

"As a hard working welder, husband and father, I'm constantly overusing my back and shoulder muscles. Having Jeannette's massage treatments always puts those muscles in relaxation mode. The value is totally worth the price."

Dan Butts, Springfield

During the first session, I was surprised by how great it felt to have my usually-tight muscles massaged. It was very relaxing. I continued to see Jeannette for massage until she changed locations.

Christine Emrie, Missouri

I have had shoulder pain and limited range of movement. Jeannette's massage gave me improvement in one session. She has always relieved my back/neck strain, also. Very professional and caring. I highly recommend her." -

RoseMary Snider, Springfield, MO




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